Drystar 80 PFPE SSP & Silencer

Edwards DRYSTAR 80 dry vacuum pump is configured for ease of installation and commissioning while providing a clean, robust and cost effective alternative to traditional oil-sealed pumps.

The DRYSTAR 80 is designed to handle large volumes of condensable vapours and particulate loads to provide a consistent pumping performance, minimal service intervention and low cost of ownership.  The use of dry pumping technology and unique seal design will eliminate contamination throughout the vacuum process making the DRYSTAR 80 suitable for a range of applications and environments.

The DRYSTAR GV dry pump is available as a stand alone unit with 80 m3h-1 repeatable fast pump down performance. For applications where increased pumping speed and/or lower vacuum levels are required the DRYSTAR 80 can be combined with the EH500 hydrokinetic drive mechanical booster offering 500 m3h-1.

The EH500 mechanical booster can be turned on at the same time as the DRYSTAR 80 and immediately begins to assist in the pumping process. Pump down time to a particular pressure can therefore be greatly reduced as there is no need for pressure switches or by-pass valves. The EH500 is well protected from operator error or process upsets, any sudden inrush of atmospheric air cause the rotors to slow down, while the motor continues to turn at normal operational speed. In the event of solid ingestion causing rotor to seize the motor will not overload.


Features and Benefits

  • Extended periods between user intervention to achieve maximum uptime
  • No exhaust filters to service offering lower consumable cost and inventory
  • Available in hydrocarbon or PFPE fluid (for oxygen) versions making it suitable for a wide range of applications and environments
  • Continuous pumping from atmosphere
  • Consistent performance in demanding applications
  • No contaminated waste oil for disposal
  • No oil exhaust emissions into the atmosphere
  • Low noise levels
  • No contaminated oil exposure or spills


  • Vacuum metallurgy processes
  • Heat treatment carburisation
  • Thin film coating technologies
  • Pharmaceutical freeze drying
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning system evacuation, drying, and backfilling
  • Vacuum drying and distillation in chemical industries
  • Backing pump for high vacuum applications
  • Surface treatment and flat panel display
  • R&D


Dane techniczne

Drystar 80
Peak Pumping Speed 50 Hz 80 m3h-1 (47 cfm)
Peak Pumping Speed 60 Hz 94 m3h-1  (56 cfm)
Ultimate Pressure <3x10-2 mbar
  (<2x10-2 Torr)
Power @ ultimate pressure 3.6 kW (4.8 hp)
Power @ peak pumping load 5.8 kW (7.8 hp)
Electrical supply 200-230V 3Æ 50/60Hz  or  380-460V 3Æ 50/60Hz
Inlet connection ISO40
Outlet connection NW40
Cooling method Water
Cooling Water flow rate 1 lmin-1
  (0.26 galmin-1)
Max cooling Water supply pressure 8 bar (116 psig)
Cooling Water DP across pump 2.1 bar (30 psig)
Cooling Water temp 5-35 °C (41-95 °F)
Cooling Water inlet ½” Quick connect coupling
Cooling Water outlet ½” Quick connect plug
Purge gas pressure 0.5 bar (6-8 psig)
Purge gas light duty 15 slm
Purge gas connection ¼” Quick connect coupling
Weight 145 kg (320 lbs)
Noise (with exhaust silencer) <78 dB(A)
Exhaust back pressure 1.3 bar (18 psig)
Lubrication volume 0.4 l (0.1 gal)
Hydrocarbon lubrication SHC629
PFPE lubrication YVAC 25/6
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Drystar 80 Pump and Booster packages Brochure