The STP-iS2207 magnetically levitatedturbomolecular pump provides industry-leadingperformance and incorporates latest technologysmall power supply into the onboard control. Thenew rotor design enables the use of a smallerplatform, resulting in a compact design with lowinput power.

The STP-iS2207 is one of the smallest pumps in themarket providing 2200 l/s N2 pumping speed. Itoffers high performance combined with installationflexibility to fit into challenging mounting locations.The STP-iS2207 incorporates a newly developedrotor design with an energy saving platform enablinglow power consumption, low cost of ownership, andreduces the effects of corrosion.


Features and benefits

All-in-one compact design
• Smaller size and lighter weight compared to Edwards’ existing on-board products
• Compact design results in easy installationand smaller footprint

Communication options
• I/O Remote, RS232, RS485 are standardports
• Profibus, STP-Link are optional

Advanced rotor technology
• Harsh process compatible (C version)

Compliant with international standards
• CE Marked, UL marked, RoHS Compliant

High performance
• Achieves highest pumping speed with smallest footprint in its class
• Allowable flow up to 3200 sccm N2 or1000 sccm Ar

Energy saving
• 30% reduction in input power compared toEdwards’ existing on-board products(STP-iXA2206)

Fits a wide installation environment
• Water and Dust resistant design
• Pump can operate with cooling water supplyup to 35 °C

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STP-iS2207 Data Sheet