Głowice i kontrolery pasywne

Passive Gauges and Controllers is new range of passive gauge heads and controllers, selected specifically to complement the current Edwards range of active gauges and controllers. These passive gauges offer a solution for measuring pressure in a wide range of applications, from UHV systems to process industries or wherever the use of an active gauge is not possible e.g. Cyclotrons.

The Edwards range of passive gauges comprises of Pirani, Penning and both Bayard-Alpert and Extractor Ion gauge heads which together can measure from atmosphere down to 10-12 mbar. These are used in conjunction with a Passive gauge controller (PGC) to display pressure and offer an intuitive interface for the user alongside the ability to control remotely. Edwards will offer 2 controller variants; the PGC201 which covers the Pressure range of 10-9 to 1000 mbar, in conjunction with Pirani and Penning gauges, and the PGC202 which covers the wider range of and 10-12 to 1000 mbar when used with a Pirani and Ion gauge.

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