The nEXT85 has arrived!

It’s small, it’s intelligent and performance will exceed your expectations. 

The nEXT85 turbomolecular pump is latest addition to the Edwards product portfolio, and set to be a real winner across the R&D, High Energy Physics and Analytical Instrument sectors. 

Small and Powerful
nEXT85 pump builds upon the success of the highly successful EXT75DX to deliver a pump with significantly improved performance, in a reduced footprint.  In addition to enhanced performance the nEXT85 benefits from the same service and operational functionality as the larger nEXT, including field serviceability and in-built intelligence, for a truly class leading product. 

The pump has been totally re-designed to optimise performance and achieve both greater speeds and higher compressions, while maintaining increased levels of reliability in a small package.  


Design features and enhancements

  • Lower profile pump – shorter and narrower – Small enough to be a direct replacement for EXT75DX and Competitor product
  • Much improved pumping speed and compression ratios for both standard nEXT85D and high compression ratio nEXT85H
  • Additional models in range
  • Selectable position for backing port and (optional) interstage ports  –  Envelope interstage as standard product and body interstage as A&D variants
  • Patented direct shaft temperature measurement technology giving wider operational window – Maximum Continuous Backing Pressure 16 mbar Water / Air cooled, Maximum Continuous Inlet flow 60 sccm Water / Air cooled
  • Very low audible noise (max 34 dBA)
  • Enhanced electrical interfaces and connectivity – Parallel, RS232, RS485, USB service port
  • Additional accessories available including both n/o and n/c vent valves, heater bands, water cooling base plate etc.
  • IP64 rated – exceeding the IP54 target and competition rating
  • User serviceable oil cartridge and bearing, both of which have a 4 year service life
  • More flexible design platform allowing for A&D variants - Split flow variants to be available
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