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BRV10PK Backing/Roughing Valve Pneumatic Operation

Edwards backing/roughing valves with ISO NW roughing and forepump terminations feature manual or pneumatic actuation. They combine the function of separate backing/roughing valves in one integral 3 port unit.

A flexible neoprene connector is supplied for the backing connection. The roughing and forepump ports terminate in the appropriate NW termination.


Features and Benefits
    Easy to operate - both ports closed position
    Long life - 100,000 operations or more
    Position indicator on pneumatic valve
    Leak tight to better than 10-9 mbar ls-1 /8 x 10-10 Torr ls-1

The valves have been designed particularly for the Diffstak® pumping systems, but have applications where a compact change-over valve is required in the pressure range 10-7 - 2000 mbar / 8 x 10-8 - 1500 Torr.

Dane techniczne
Construction materials  
  Body and pneumatic cylinder HE 30TF aluminum
  Lever and bonnet (manual) Glass reinforced plastic
  Operating shaft/valve seat Stainless steel
  Body seals, port seals,
  shaft seal ‘O’ ring
Leak rate  
  Overall < 10-9 mbar ls-1
  < 8 x 10-10 Torr ls-1
  Across ports < 10-9 mbar ls-1
  < 8 x 10-10 Torr ls-1
  NW coupling < 10-9 mbar ls-1
  < 8 x 10-10 Torr ls-1
Operating pressure range 10-7 - 2100 mbar
  8 x 10-8 - 1575 Torr
Max baking temperature  
Pneumatic 70 °C
Manual 90 °C
Reliability (MTTF) 100000 cycles
Recommended air pressure 2.8 - 4.2 bar / 40.6 - 61 psi
Maximum air pressure 7.0 bar / 102 psi
Minimum air pressure 2.4 bar / 35 psi
Air connections 1/8 in BSP, for 6 mm Ø plastic or copper tube
Microswitch rating 24 V 1.5 A a.c. or d.c.
BRV10PK 380g / 13oz
Pliki do pobrania
BRV Mk IV Backing/Roughing Valves Instruction Manual