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3-Port, 48 V d.c, 1/8 Inch BSP, North America

Electropneumatic control valves can be used to control the operation of pneumatically activated vacuum valves. Control valves are available with different electrical supply voltages and frequencies to suit your application.

Dane techniczne
Valve Valve Type Recommend Control Valve Configuration Schematic
GV gate valves Double-acting cylinder with no spring return 1 x 5-port 3
PVPK pipeline valves soft start Single-acting cylinder with spring return 1 x 3-port 1
BRV backing/roughing valve Double-acting cylinder with spring return to the mid-position (that is, isolated position) 2 x 5-port or (1 x 5-port) 2*(4†)
QSB63/100/160 quarter swing butterfly valves, Diffstak isolation-valves Double-acting cylinder with no spring return 1 x 5-port 4
Supply pressure 3-port 5-port  
bar gauge 2.1 - 8 3.4 – 4.8  
Psig 30 – 115 50 - 70  

* This configuration allows the use of the isolated position of the vacuum valve.
† This configuration only allows the use of the roughing and backing positions of the vacuum valve.

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Electropneumatic Control Valves Instruction Manual