Zenith III-V

The Zenith III-V Series provides fully-integrated abatement and vacuum pump solutions for MOCVD applications incorporating the Helios inward-fired combustion technology, reliable iH dry vacuum pump technology, Temperature Management System (TMS) and an integrated control strategy. The system provides high-quality treatment of toxic, compound semiconductor process exhaust gases and organometallic precursors in addition to the handling of high flows of hydrogen.


Features and Benefits

  •     Lower installation costs
  •     Shorter installation time
  •     Full compliance to national and international electrical and safety standards and SEMI S2-0303
Dane techniczne
Process connections  
Process gas inlets ISO 100 stainless steel (ISO 63 / NW50 / NW40
available with adapter options)
Loadlock / transfer inlet ISO 100 stainless steel (ISO 63 / NW50 / NW40
available with adapter options)
Bypass outlet NW40 stainless steel
Abatement system exhaust outlet 75 mm diameter polypropylene
Cabinet extraction outlet 150 mm diameter x 150 mm deep, painted mild steel
Services connections  
Nitrogen inlet 1/2 inch Swagelok, stainless steel
Oxygen inlet 1/2 inch VCR, stainless steel
Fuel gas inlet 3/4 inch Swagelok, stainless steel
Cooling-water supply inlet NW40 stainless steel
Cooling-water return outlet NW40 stainless steel
Make-up water inlet 3/4 inch nominal bore uPVC pipe
Acid water drain outlet 3/4 inch nominal bore uPVC pipe
Electrical connections  
Electrical supply cable gland (power module not fitted) 50 mm diameter
Electrical supply cable gland (power module fitted)  
   3-phase power supply 50 mm diameter
   1-phase power supply 25 mm diameter
   Outlet to transformer (option) 16 mm diameter
Power Requirements  
   Supply 3-phase 400, 208V, 50/60Hz
1-phase 230, 110V, 50/60Hz
Mechanical Data  
   Abatement module 222kg
   Drypump module (without pumps) 230kg
   Control and facilities module 182kg
   Power module (if fitted) 128kg
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