Water Cooled Trap (WCT)

LPCVD nitride processes using dichlorosilane (SiH2Cl2) and ammonia (NH3) generate ammonium chloride (NH4Cl). On cooling, at atmospheric pressure, NH4Cl rapidly condenses out as a solid in the exhaust lines causing blockages. The water cooled trap provides a cost-effective solution for controlled deposition of these solid by-products. Both the trap and the liner are water-cooled so NH4Cl is deposited on the liner. The liner has a large capacity and is quick and easy to change.


Features and Benefits

  • Designed for LPCVD Nitride Processes

        Reduces downtime
        Minimizes exhaust blockages

  • Controlled Collection of Condensing Solids

        Ammonia (NH3) and Dichlorosilane (SiH2Cl2) processes only

  • Compatible with All Edwards Vacuum Pumps
  • Quick and Easy Liner Replacement
  • Very Low Cost of Ownership

        Process cooling water is the only facilities requirement

  • Minimum Footprint
Dane techniczne
Footprint: 450 mm (17.72") x 480 mm (18.90")
Height: 965 mm (38") to 1397 mm (55")
  depending on height of pump outlet
Inlet Connection: NW40
Outlet Connection: NW40
Water Inlet Connection: 3/8" BSP male quick connect
Water Outlet Connection: 3/8" BSP female quick connect
Maximum Water Pressure: 7 bar gauge
  700 kPa gauge