Edwards’ Tempest offers exhaust management at minimal cost for preservation of assets and regulatory compliance. The Tempest is suitable for treatment of exhaust streams containing water-soluble and water-reactive gases.

Tempest is suitable for many processes including Metal Etch, Poly Etch, LPCVD Nitride, PECVD Nitride and RTP.


Features and Benefits

  • Low cost of ownership

        Minimum water and nitrogen usage

  • Robust, simple technology
  • High efficiency operation

        Superior absorption from counter-current scrubbing configuration
        Effective treatment of incompatible gases through chamber segmentation

  • Small footprint
  • Reduced servicing

        Easy, single-side service access
        Application specific inlet gas management

  • PLC control incorporating Active Utility Control
  • Third-party certification

        SEMI S2, F15 certified, ETL listed


Metal Etch and LPCVD Nitride processes are especially challenging to wet scrubbers as they generate condensable by-products such as Aluminium Chloride and Ammonium Chloride that cause inlet blockage and significantly increase the service requirements.
Tempest is available with two options especially designed to eliminate the problem of powder accumulation in the inlets:

  •     TMS (Temperature Management system) that maintains the inlet pipe temperature above the by-product condensation point;
  •     MCS (Mechanical Clean System) that mechanically scrapes powders forming at the inlet nozzle.

With these two options, Tempest reliability is significantly enhanced and has been proven in major 300mm semiconductors fabs in Europe, USA and Asia.