Temperature Management System Monitoring

The TMS Monitoring System enhances the established TMS product range. Edwards’ TMS Monitoring System provides an effective and effortless method of monitoring for cold regions where deposition may occur. Specially designed monitors provide a visual indication of the position of low temperature areas along the pipeline. A remote signal is also supplied for each pipeline via a central warning out, which can be integrated into your building management or Edwards FabWorks 32 monitoring system.


Features and Benefits

  • Prevents downtime by predicting a potential problem cold zone where deposition may occur
  • Provides early fault finding by signalling if:

           Lines are not adequately heated
           Lines are not insulated sufficiently

  • Neon lights along the pipeline pinpoint the exact location of a low temperature region
  • A warning signal is provided at the power supply unit
  • Optional integration into fab monitoring system
  • Tested and evaluated at major OEM R&D facilities
  • Simple ordering and installation

           Monitors fit both exhaust lines and forelines
           Monitors connect together in series

Dane techniczne
Pipe Diameter Monitor Lengths Fit To Heater Lengths
40mm – 100mm (1.5-4”) 300mm 50mm, 80mm and 100mm