Temperature Management System (TMS)

The Temperature Management System (TMS) is pipe heating and insulation that ensures condensable by-products from semiconductor processes remain gaseous until they reach the abatement device or trap. TMS helps prevent pipe blockages and associated unplanned downtime.
TMS incorporates specially designed moulded silicone rubber heaters and silicone foam insulation jackets. It is designed to fit both exhaust lines and forelines of any configuration.


Features and Benefits

  • Reliable high surface area heaters

        Moulded heaters provide uniform heat
        Maximise contact with pipes
        Minimise cold spots
        Operate at 150oC

  • High level of safety

        Each heater has a built in snap switch thermostat to tightly regulate temperature
        A protective thermal fuse is embedded in each heater to guarantee safety
        Heater cables are double insulated

  • Easy to install

        Daisy chain connections
        Each heater plugs into the next

  • Avoids high cost custom made items

        Wide range of diameters and lengths available as standard items


  • Effective

        Minimises heat loss
        Minimises power consumption

  • Provides safe outer surface

        12mm thickness ensures at the 150°C operating temperature the outer surface remains safe to touch

  • ‘Easyon’

        Can be cut to length on site, simply using scissors
        Interlocking and metal snap fasteners ensures rapid installation
        These special ‘non-particulate’ fasteners are suitable for use in clean rooms

  • Cost effective

        Wide range of diameters and shapes available as standard
        Reduces the need for high cost custom made jackets

Power Supply 

  • 120 volt supply to heaters

        Available to suit a range of input voltages

  • Isolation transformer

        Provides enhanced safety
        Ensures TMS is CE marked, ETL listed and certified to SEMI S2-0200

  • Choice of mounting options

        Wall / Unistrut mounted as standard
        Floor mounting available as an option
        Compact design

  • Economical

        1200 watts of heaters can be connected to one power supply(approximately 10m for exhaust lines and 7.5m for forelines)

Heated lines are beneficial in reducing downtime for certain semiconductor processes, these include:

  • Metal Etch
  • LPCVD Nitride
  • Tungsten CVD
  • Tungsten Etch
  • Polysilicon Etch
  • TEOS CVD / BPSG etc.