Pyrophoric Conditioning System (PCS)

he Pyrophoric Conditioning System (PCS) is a compact, cost-effective unit using the 'self-oxidation' principle to safely remove silane from PECVD and LPCVD process exhausts to below flammable limits.
The system offers many advantages over the simple "burn box". A positive air input, with full monitoring and interfacing to the process tool, offers assurance of operation. A unique particle handling system keeps ducts free from powders. A water wash-down is available as an option to further reduce preventative maintenance requirements.


Features and Benefits

  • Low cost of ownership

        No fuel
        Low power

  • Compact design

        Small footprint
        Single or dual inlets

  • Built-in powder handling
  • Enhanced security

        Full system monitoring
        Tool interface
        PLC controlled

  • SEMI S2-93 and S8-95 compliant

        On-line cleaning and powder removal

The PCS is used to ensure that silane and other pyrophoric gases are removed below flammable limits in the exhausts from LPCVD/PECVD processes, including LCD/flat panel manufacture, Silane VMB and Gas Cylinder pigtail purging.
Normal process flows up to 1 slpm Silane, adverse/fault flows up to 6 slpm.
Total gas flow per inlet up to 100 slpm.

Dane techniczne
Process gas inlet NW40 Stainless Steel
PCS Exhaust Outlet NW40 Stainless Steel
Nitrogen Inlet 1/4” Swagelok ®
  4-6 bar gauge
Water (OCM only) 1” PVC pipe
Power Requirements  
Single phase supply 230V 50HZ
  or - 110V 50/60HZ
Nominal Power Consumption 0.65kW
Mechanical Data Mass: 66kg
Tool Interface PCS alarm output MUST be interfaced to silane flow on process tool