GaNcat Reactor Column

The Edwards GaNcat treats the significant ammonia flows present in the exhausts of nitride-based MOCVD processes by decomposing this gas into its constituent elements, nitrogen and hydrogen, using a heated dry cartridge technology. At the same time, it eliminates the possibility of contamination of the cartridge by the metalorganic gases that are also present, such as TMG, TMI and TMA. This is achieved without the need for external traps by the inclusion of a special pre-cleaning stage in the first portion of the cartridge that results in the formation of stable inorganic solids.


Features and Benefits

  • Efficient ammonia destruction
  • Lab tested and fab proven
  • No NOx or water emissions
  • Safe removal of metalorganics (without traps)
  • Low operating costs (just cartridges & electricity)
  • Easily scaled to meet any increase in flow requirements
  • Solution for all MOCVD GaN device fabrication


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