TIC Relay Box

Two relay boxes are available for use with our TIC controllers:
- A small backing pump relay box is compatible with TIC turbo only and turbo and instrument controllers
- A small backing pump and instruments relay box is compatible with TIC turbo and instrument controllers
The small backing pump relay boxes are able to control mains backing pumps up to RV12/XDS10. The relay box also controls a mains heater band and backing line isolation valve. In addition the small backing pump and instrument relay box includes three 250 V a.c. 3 A changeover relays, which are activated by the gauge open collector set point outputs.


Features and Benefits

  •     Enables TIC to control mains backing pumps, up to and including XDS10 and RV12.
  •     Provides interfaces for a turbo heater band, a backing line isolation valve and a logic bypass. All relay boxes include a logic bypass facility for further system integration.
  •     TIC relay is packaged in a compact case and may be panel or rack (¼ 19inch rack 3U) or bench mounted.
  •     TIC relay will operate from mains supplies with voltages up to 240 V ac.


Dane techniczne
Mains input  
Connector type CEE/IEC320 inlet
Max rating 240V a.c.
Earth stud M4
Heater band outlet  
Connector type CEE/IEC320 inlet
Max rating 240V a.c. 1A
Fuse 20mm x 5mm, 250V,
  1A type F
Backing pump outlet  
Connector type CEE/IEC320 inlet
Max rating 240V a.c. 10A
Fuse 20mm x 5mm, 250V,
  10A type T
Setpoint connector  
Connector type 12-way positronic PLC plug
Max rating 250V a.c.  3 A (resistive) Dry non conducting atmosphere only Or 30 V d.c. 3A (resistive)
Mating half (supplied) 12-way positronic PLC socket with hood
Backing line isolation valve connector  
Connector type 3-way DIN socket
Max rating 24V d.c. 0.5A
Lead type 3 core 0,5mm2
Weight 695g
Operating temperature +0°C to +40°C
Storage temperature -30°C to +70°C
Max ambient operating humidity 90% RH non-condensing at 40°C
Max operating altitude 3000m
Electronic design EN61010-1
Enclosure rating IP20
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Turbo Instrument Controller (TIC) Relay Box Instruction Manual