T-Station 75

MODEL WYCOFANY Z PRODUKCJI na rzecz nowego modelu T-STATION 85

The T-Station 75 is Edwards’s new entry level Turbopumping system. It combines our proven EXT75DX with a choice of either an oil sealed E2M1.5 backing pump or an XDD1 diaphragm pump where a totally dry solution is desired.
The T-Station comes with our new TAG (Turbo and Active Gauge) controller fitted as standard which enables single button start/stop of the system, the ability to control one of our Active Gauges*, vent valve control*, and delayed start to either time or pressure if a gauge is fitted making the T-Station ideal for general laboratory needs.

* Gauges and TAV5 vent valve must be purchased separately.


Features and Benefits

  •      Fully assembled and ready to use
  •     Control of turbopump, backing pump and optional gauge from integrated controller
  •     NW40, ISO63 or CF63 inlet flanges
  •     Choice of backing pumps, E2M1.5 oil sealed pump T-Station 75W or XDD1 diaphragm pump T-Station 75D
  •     Delayed turbo start option for pumping larger volumes


  •     General laboratory applications
  •     Spectroscopy
  •     Surface analysis
  •     Small coating systems
  •     Vacuum tube manufacturing
Dane techniczne
Pumping Speed for N2  
NW40 42 ls-1
ISO63/CF63 61 ls-1
Compression ratio for N2 >1 x 1011
Backing pump speed @ 50Hz  
E2M1.5 1.6 m3h-1
XDD1 1.2 m3h-1
Ultimate pressure -8 mbar
Inlet flange NW40, ISO63 or CF63
Exhaust flange  
E2M1.5 11mm OD Nozzle or 3/8 inch BSP
XDD1 Fitted silencer or 1/8 inch BSP
E2M1.5 22 kg / 48 lb
XDD1 18 kg / 40 lb
Noise level 55.4 dB(A)
Leak tightness -6 mbar ls-1
Operating temperature range 10 to 40°C / 50 to 104°F
Pliki do pobrania
T-Station 75 Instruction Manual