The STP-XA4503C magnetic bearing turbomolecular pump has a wide process window, from high vacuum, to high flow requirements with enhanced throughput for all gases.
This pump is based on a new design, offering features to improve thermal management, which enhances performance on harsh processes, increases the maximum process flow capability and reduces the effects of corrosion and deposition.
It has been designed to handle light and harsh duty applications, such as etch, implant, lithography and FPD processes.


Features and Benefits

  • Advanced Rotor Design

         Increased Argon performance
         Highest pumping speed in its class
         Wide process window
         Higher throughput at lower pressure
         Maintenance free
         Harsh process compatible

  • 5-axis Magnetic Suspension System

         Zero contamination
         Low vibration
         High reliability

  • Optimized Temperature Distribution

         Low deposition
         Built-in cooling mechanism
         Higher gas throughput
         Increased operating life

  • Certifications

         Conforms to international safety standards
         UL listed, CE marked and SEMI® S2 compliant

Dane techniczne
Inlet flange size VF300, ISO320F, VG350
Backing port size KF40
Pumping speed  
  N2 3800 to 4300 ls-1
  (dependant on model)
  H2 2500 ls-1
Compression ratio  
  N2 >108
  H2 6 x 103
Ultimate pressure 10-7 Pa / 10-9 mbar
Max allowable backing pressure 266 Pa / 2.66 mbar
Max allowable gas flow N2
(Water cooled only)
2800 sccm
  4.73 Pam3s-1
Maximum allowable gas flow Ar
(Water cooled only)
2150 sccm
  3.63 Pam3s-1
Rated speed 24000 rpm
Run up time to 90% rated speed 12 minutes
Mounting position Any orientation
Water cooling  
  Flow 3 lmin-1
  Temperature 5 – 25 °C / 41 – 77 °F
  Pressure 0.3 MPa
Recommended purge gas flow N2 50 sccm / 8.4 x 10-2 Pam3s-1
Input voltage 200 – 240 ±10 % V a.c.
Maximum input power (without TMS) 1.5 KVA
Pliki do pobrania
Edwards Maglev Turbos and the Environment Brochure