The STP-iX455 turbo-molecular pump features an innovative, magnetic bearing and motor drive system, providing a 50% reduction in vibration compared to previous generation turbo pumps. An integrated controller eliminates the need for a conventional, rack-mounted controller and interconnecting cables, and does not require water cooling.
The pump features 450 ls-1 pumping speed for nitrogen. The STP-iX455 is an excellent fit for electron microscope, metrology, lithography and other vibration sensitive applications.


Features and Benefits

  • Compact Design including a fully integrated controller
  • Inovative, Self-Sensing magnetic bearing system
  • Digital 5-axis control
  • Vibration levels reduced by 50% compared to the existing turbo pumps
  • Can be configured to run corrosive processes
  • Automatic Balancing System (ABS) standard
  • Automatic Vibration Reduction (AVR) standard
  • UL Listed, CE marked and SEMI® S2 compliant


  • Plasma etch (chlorine, fluorine and bromine chemistries) for metal (aluminum), tungsten and dielectric (oxide) and polysilicon
  • Electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) etch
  • Film deposition CVD, PECVD, ECRCVD, MOCVD
  • Sputtering
  • Ion implantation source, beam line pumping end station
  • MBE
  • Diffusion
  • Photo resist stripping
  • Crystal/epitaxial growth
  • Wafer inspection
  • Load lock chambers
  • Scientific instruments: surface analysis, mass spectrometry, electron microscopy
  • High energy physics: beam lines, accelerators
  • Radioactive applications: fusion systems, cyclotrons


Dane techniczne
Inlet flange ISO100K/DN100CF ISO160K/DN160CF
Pumping Speed    
N2 300 ls-1 450 ls-1
H2 300 ls-1 460 ls-1
Compression ratio    
N2 >108 >108
H2 >1 x 104 >1 x 104
Ultimate pressure 6.5x10-6  (5x10-8) 10-8 (10-10)
Weight 15 kg 16 kg
Max working pressure 1.3 x 10-1 Pa
Allowable backing pressure 67 Pa
Rated speed 55000 rpm
Starting time <6 min
Mounting position Any orientation
Cooling method Natural cooling (Air cooling fan when baking or gas pumping)
Lubricating oil Not necessary
Backing pump 240 lmin-1
Leakage Magnetic Flux  
Axial direction <100 m/Gauss
Radial direction <100 m/Gauss
Ambient temperature range 0 to 40 °C
Storage temperature range -25 to 55 °C
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Edwards Maglev Turbos and the Environment Brochure