SCU-XL800 Control Unit

The fully-digital SCU-XL800 turbo pump control unit is compatible with STP turbo pumps ranging from 600 l/s to 1300 l/s.
The SCU-XL800 reduces the vibration levels of less than 300 Hz which are difficult to eliminate with mechanical vibration isolators.
It achieves sub-nanometer vibration levels across the frequency spectrum using advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) techniques. The controller is suitable for use with electron microscopy, metrology and lithography systems where low-vibration is critical to the application.


Features and Benefits

  • Enhances Performance of the STP Pump Range

        New magnetic bearing system achieves vibration levels of sub-nanometer order across the frequency

        Reduces the amplitude of low frequency vibrations which are difficult to suppress with mechanical vibration

        Automatic Balancing System (ABS)
        Auto Vibration Reduction (AVR)

  • Compatible Models

        STP-603/1003, STP-A803/A1303C
        Automatic recognition of the applicable pumps

  • Advanced Pre-maintenance Function

        Precise maintenance timing
        Two-stage warning messages
        Rotor imbalance monitoring
        Back-up bearing damage monitoring
        Self-diagnostic functions

  • Certifications

        SEMI® compliant, CE marked, UL listed

Dane techniczne
Input voltage 100-120V±10%*, VAC

200-240V ±10% VAC
Input power Max 850 VA
Input frequency 50/60 ±2 Hz
Input phase Single Phase
Main circuit breaker 15 A
Output voltage at normal speed Max 80 VAC
Output frequency at normal speed Max 800 Hz
Allowable environment temperature °C (°F)
Storage temperature °C (°F)
Weight Kg (lb)
Time display function Inside
Communication interface RS232C/RS485/

I/O Remote
Monitoring function Optional Accessory:

STP-Link Monitoring Software
* STP-603/1003 series only
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