SCU-1600 Control Unit

The fully digital SCU-1600 turbo pump control unit is compatible with STP turbo pumps ranging from 2000 ls-1 to 4500 ls-1. It provides reliability, enhanced communication and pump compatibility with reduced back-up unit requirements and minimized overall cost of ownership.


Features and Benefits

  • Advanced pre-maintenance function

       Precise maintenance timing
       Two stage warning messages
       Rotor imbalance monitoring
       Back-up bearing damage monitoring
       Self-diagnosis functions

  • Universal controller

       Same cable applicable
       Digital communications

  • Low Vibration

       Auto Vibration Reduction (AVR)
       Auto balancing system (ABS)

  • Compact construction

       Small footprint
       Half-rack controller

  • Certification

       SEMI® compliant, CE Marked and UL Listed


  • STP-A2203/2503/2803/3003/3503
  • STP-F2203
  • STP-XA2703/3203/4503
  • STP-XH2603/3203
Dane techniczne
Magnetic bearing control system Digital control
Input voltage 200 – 240 ±10 V a.c.
Power consumption (without Temperature Management System, TMS) Max 1600 VA
Power consumption (with TMS) Max 2100 VA
Input frequency 50/60 ±2 Hz
Leak current 3.5 mA
Main breaker rated current 15 A
Motor drive system 3-phase d.c.
Allowable ambient temperature 0 to 40 °C (32 to 104 °F)
Weight 12 kg
TMS control unit Built-in
Serial communication function (RS232/RS485) Standard
Operation switch Start, Stop, Reset, Select, Up, Down, Enter, Manual/Remote
Panel display LCD
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